Second Galileo FOC Satellite delivered by OHB to ESA Testsite in Nordwjik

On August 9, 2013 the second Galileo satellite manufactured by OHB System AG, Bremen has been delivered to the ESA test facility at ESTEC in Noordwjik, Netherland. After similar testing as with the first Galileo FOC satellite at ESTEC these two satellites are scheduled to be launched into space later this year.

In contrast to GPS and GLONASS satellites having abbreviations and numbers as names at least the first four FOC Galileo satellites are most personalized. They have names of children who won a painting competition advertized by EC in 2011. The satellites are called “Doresa“ (first), “Milena“ (second), “Adam” (third) and “Anastasia” (forth).

(Source: OHB System AG webpage )