Push in Beidou Coverage, the Alternative to European Galileo

The Chinese GNSS Beidou receives more verbal support through urges by the Chinese Central Military Commission. There are plans to spend more than another 1 billion US$ for the continuation of the system’s development.

From a European perspective China started out to participate in the development of Galileo. Soon rumors of an independent were heard in the community. However, for long it was not really clear what would happen and when. The European Galileo system has only the four IOV satellites in orbit. Beidou has momentarily already 14 satellites operational. Currently those satellites are due to their inclined geosynchronous orbits only visible above Asia, therefore, Beidou is not really recognized by the general public in Europe. However, when the system will have the full constellation of 30 satellites in orbit, it will be also a versatile aid for positioning.

(Source: China.org.cn)