China Sets 2020 Target Numbers for Beidou

China is setting a 60% target of market share for Beidou in its home market. Overall a 65 billion $ industry is envisioned for 2020.

Apparently, the Chinese navigation chips for the system are not competitive yet. They seem to be too bulky for integration in smart phones according to a chip manufacturer’s representative. The article leaves open if it is a result of technical hurdles with Beidou signals or simply a matter of boosting manufacturing cycles for reaching higher integration. Also the claim of being univocal instead of integrating different systems is not really providing details. There are already navigation chips around claiming to integrate Beidou with GPS, GLONASS and Galileo. However, the promotion of the system in its home market seemed to have failed completely so far. For Chinese LBS industry the incentive of the Chinese Beidou market is non-existent.

For sure one disadvantage of Beidou is the coverage limited to China at the moment. On the other hand with the limited number satellites (around 14) this provides already a decent coverage in Asia. In contrast Galileo has only 4 satellites currently with a significant number populating the orbits within the next 2 years. However, since the system coverage is already world-wide, for any region at any time the number of visible Galileo satellites shall be less than what Beidou can provide in Asia at the moment.