Updated launch schedule published

As reported earlier the launch of the first Galileo satellites have been postponed from October this year. The establishing of test procedures for the satellites takes longer than expected. The new published launch schedules indicate the earliest possibility as of June 2014 for FOC-1 and FOC-2 being in space.

While Galileo is fighting birth pains of getting a constellation off the ground also other systems have their shares of setbacks. For GPS the fifth replenishment satellite with the L5 signal band has been postponed from October this year. No new launch date is defined for GPS IIF-5 yet, while the follow up launches for GPS IIF-6 and GPS IIF-7 are listed for May and July 2014. GLONASS had suffered mid of year a launch failure and lost three satellites. Recently a GLONASS had been removed from the constellation because the operation center was not able to reactivate the satellite. This satellite did not even reach its expected life time. Next GLONASS launch is planned for second half of 2014. Certainly, GLONASS and GPS have plenty of satellites in orbit, but the replenishment with state-of-the-art satellite is very slow. 

(Source: GPSworld November 13th, 2013)