Launch Scheduling Update


The launch window for the 5th IIF GPS satellite is on 21st February 2014 1:40-1:59 UTC. Two more GPS satellites will follow later this year in May and July.


An EGNOS satellite is scheduled for March 7 between 20:30 and 22:30 UTC.

The schedule for the first 4 FOC satellites of Galileo is set for mid June and mid October. In German news blog could be read about an additional 3rd launch in December. However, it is more likely it have only four FOC satellites available by end of the year. Even when started according current schedule it is challenging to have them all operational by end of this year.

Together with the Copernicus ™ program Galileo shall establish an early service end of this year.


Five more GLONASS satellites are scheduled for 2014. A single satellite launch is due on 25th of February and three satellite launch in the 2nd quarter. All these satellites are of type GLONASS-M. End of the year GLONASS K satellite is scheduled. This particular satellite is of special interest, since it will provide first SIS of CDMA providing compatibility to all other GNSS.

(Sources: Press release January 28th, 2014  , GPSworld Jaunary 31st, 2014 )

Copernicus ™ is a program operated by EC and the trademark is owned by EU Copernicus Programme