Some More Details on Recent Galileo Satellite Launch

It is still hard to find sound information on the actual issues with the recent Galileo satellite launch into their orbits. According to a DLR blog by “Jan Wörner” something happened in the last steps of transfer. The satellites remain in an elliptical orbit staying several thousand kilometers below their designated orbits. These orbit have in addition a different inclination (angle between equatorial plane and orbit plane). This is changing the complete flight dynamics and it is easily anticipated bascially all processing routines have to be adapted for the new scenario. Even though other components might be completely functional, the usability of teh sallites are really in question.

The question comes up with the next satellite launch planned later this year. This launch has been delayed recently from its planned November slot to December. The analysis of the actual cause of injection into the wrong orbit has to be found, counter measures evaluated and successfully implemented prior to this next launch.

(Source: DLR blog )