Cause for Wrong Galileo Orbits Found

The first two operational Galileo satellites have been injected into wrong orbits because of a frozen fuel pipe. The launch failure has been analyzed by two independent inquiry boards. Both boards arrived at the same conclusion that a hydrazine pipe was too close to a liquid helium pipe causing the fuel to freeze at some stage during the flight. Subsequently the thrusters responsible for orientation control were not fired as expected leaving the fourth stage of the launcher pointing into a wrong direction. Finally the last blast pushed the satellites into wrong orbits because of the sequence of misbehavior. 

The boards concluded as well that the Galileo satellites did not contribute to the misbehavior. 

The corrective actions seem straight forward allowing the next Soyuz launch already in December 2014. However, once again there is competition on its way between Galileo and O3b for the launch slot. Rumors claim that the Galileo launch will slip therefore to next year.

(Source: Arianespace, SpaceFlightNow)