New Launch Date Announced for Galileo FOC Satellites 3 & 4

For Galileo FOC satellites 3 & 4 the launch date has been announced for March 26/27. The launch time is still to be defined. Original plans listed two Galileo launches with two satellites each for 2015. The intension is to keep these launches in 2015 in addition. Therefore, by end of 2015 Galileo may have six FOC satellites in proper orbits.

The planned orbit change for the first of the two misplaced Galileo FOC succeeded already in December. The second satellite’s orbit is also changed for partly recovery and use of the satellite. The recovery is still in progress, but should finish within a couple of weeks.

The planned constellation by end of 2015 may consist:

3 operational IOV satellites
2 operational FOC satellites in usable orbits
6 operational FOC satellites

(Source: SpaceFlightNowGPS world)

Note: The launch date varies according to different news websites. SpaceFlightNow announces March 27, while German Short News and a privately received email refer to March 26.
The EC official statement refers only to resuming launches in March (EC Press release).