Galileo Satellites 7 & 8 Reached Safely their Target Orbits

The second set of two FOC (Full Constellation Satellites) Galileo numbered 7 & 8 reached their target orbit after lift off on schedule at 21:46 (GMT) on March 27.

ESA stated: “All the Soyuz stages performed as planned, with the Fregat upper stage releasing the satellites into their target orbit close to 23 500 km altitude, around 3 hours 48 minutes after liftoff.”

After last less fortunate launch in August 2014 probably not only some ESA engineers but most of the European Galileo commnuity were awaiting this relieving news.

The commisioning phase will require at least 3 month until the in-orbit tests for the new satellites are completed.

(Source: ESA webpage)