Galileo Satellite System Down

Currently the European Galileo satellite system is down since July 11 or 12, 2019. Apparently the satellites are transmiting no valid broadcast orbit information. The constellation service webpage indicates “Service Outage”. No sound information on the actual reasoning is given.

[Update 2019 07 15 15:00 UT]

The reasons for the current unavailability is clearer according to GSA webpage and also an Inside GNSS article. The issue is not with the space segment but the ground facilities. Apparently the Precise Timing Facility (PTF) in Italy is not working as expected. Without precise timing the calculation of broadcast orbits is in jeopardy and there is nothing to be supplied to the satellites.

However, this information opens a bunch of more questions such as why did the backup PTF in Germany not take over? Also the Galileo satellites have as satellite other GNSS (GPS, GLONASS and Beidou) a stack of precomputed broadcast orbits available. Therefore why is the Galileo system not operating on those precomputed broadcast orbits?
The accuracy of the brodcast orbits may deteriorate over time, but at least the system should be operational for a couple of days or a week. If the precomputed stack of orbits is already used up, there would be then the question of why there was no advance notice?

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