MMEGG – Exploring GOOSE platform for Galileo Mass-Market Carrier Phase Positioning

Project start: May 2017
Project end: May 2018
Transnational project coordinated through: Austrian Research Promotion Agency (FFG) – ASAP 13
Swiss part financed by Swiss Space Office / Swiss Space Center 


ASPHALT – Advanced Galileo Navigation System for Asphalt Fleet Machines

Project start: February 2010
inPosition: February 2010 to February 2012
RTK positioning

Link: Cordis ASPHALT Report Summary

ART-X – Advanced Receiver Terminal Extension to Technology and Market Evolution

Project start: January 2010
inPosition: January 2010 to January 2012
on-board RTK positioning engine

Link: Cordis ART-X Report Summary

GAMMA-A – Galileo Receiver for Mass Market Applications in the Automotive Area

Project start: January 2009
inPosition: January 2009 to 2010
Core technology study on RTK for GAMMA-A

Link: Cordis GAMMA-A Report Summary

GAPS – Analyses and Proposals on Galileo Signals

Project start: January 2009
inPosition: February 2009 to May 2009
Proposal of a Galileo Commercial Service

ARTUS – Advanced Receiver Terminal for User Services

Project start: August 2005
Professional receiver development (multi-frequency)
inPosition: January 2007 to December 2008

Raw Data Generator for observation data simulation of test data
Navigation Subsystem real-time software featuring processing of

  • Multi-System
  • Multi-Station

Source Code Generator producing an RTCM en- and decoding library